the niagara community center

shaping our future

The principal activities of the Niagara Community Center will be to promote the social welfare of the Niagara Falls community by developing an indoor and outdoor sports and education facility that will serve as a community center. The facility will also provide a location for collaborative activity among community groups such as local schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and other not-for-profit organizations. 

Through its collaborative relationships with other nonprofits, the Niagara Community Center will facilitate the offering of programs at the community center, including activities that enhance literacy and study skills, arts activities, fitness classes, sports training, career guidance, and leadership and character-building activities for the purpose of combatting community deterioration and juvenile delinquency in the community. 

The Niagara Community Center will make the building available to community members, school children and groups for meetings, social gatherings and educational and recreational activities to promote community cohesiveness and harmony.